About Doris Schechter, founder of My Most Favorite Food

I was born in Vienna, then my family moved to Italy, then to the United States. Once in America, my grandmother joined the family, taking care of the household. She did all the cooking, much of which had Viennese influences. When I opened my bakery, My Most Favorite Dessert Company, first in Great Neck, NY, then on Madison Avenue, it was all about Viennese pastries and Italian-inspired dishes.

It was my lifelong dream to own a restaurant where everyone could eat under my roof. When I opened the bakery each day, people would ask me what we were serving for lunch. It was because of this that I decided I would go under kosher supervision and serve only dairy and pareve food, no meat dishes. This was tricky because Jews as a whole are really big meat eaters but vegetarian food is a connector, it doesn’t leave anyone out of the loop. No matter who you are, you can eat it.

Many people thought it would be difficult to be satisfied with vegetarian food but I looked into different recipes and chose offerings that were nutrient-rich and would help people lose weight and lower their cholesterol–things that all of us are concerned with. We’ve tried all the diets out there but there’s only one that really works: watching your calories and controlling your food portion. Many people don’t know you can get the same amount of protein from a portion of broccoli as from a piece of meat.

With this concept in mind, we expanded 0ur bakery menu to include soup, salads, quiche, and much more. My Split Pea Soup got rave reviews and was the first food item we served.

After Madison Avenue, My Most Favorite Dessert Company found a new home in midtown for 15 years and, most recently, relocated to the Upper West Side as My Most Favorite Food. The rest, as they say, is culinary history.

Now, with the relaunch of our mymostfavorite.com website, the upcoming release of my new book, and our emergence in the social media stratosphere via Facebook and Twitter, the quest to provide healthy vegetarian food to all is more important than ever. I hope you enjoy my blog, featuring healthy eating tips, innovative cooking techniques, some of my favorite vegetarian recipes and the personal stories that  inspired them all.


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