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A perfectly prepared meal, a chocolate cake artistically packaged and presented and a smooth whipped cappuccino. That is what we do…impeccable taste with a dash of modern simplicity.

My Most Favorite Food is the latest evolution of years of New York restaurant experience steeped in authentic European roots. Born as a bakery called My Most Favorite Dessert Company in Great Neck, then transformed into a cafe of the same name first located on Madison Avenue and then in Midtown, the fully renovated My Most Favorite Food now makes its home on the Upper West Side as a chic, kosher restaurant, bakery and catering company.

Doris' life experiences and intentions spiced a NYC melting pot that needed flavor. From the time she arrived when she was six until her life as a wife and mother of five children, she had culinary entrepreneurism in her master plan. Memories of her grandmother's cooking in Austro-Hungary, the Viennese delicacies she grew up with, and her love of the Italian people and their specialty dishes propelled her to start her own bakery. It quickly secured rave reviews, and she was on her way to a life in the NYC restaurant world.

It's no coincidence that we're still thriving after all these years. Our founder, the unstoppable Doris Schechter, came to the United States from Europe, infused with a passionate drive to fulfill the American Dream. That drive was fueled by her family's escape from Austro-Hungary during WWII and, after a few magical food-focused years in Italy, their emigration to the welcoming arms of a diverse New York City.

My Most Favorite Food is the mouthwatering result. Today, we offer a full restaurant menu to complement our time-honored desserts. Daily specialties include healthy items like a delicious vegan stew, inspired by the heartier version her Oma (grandmother) used to cook. Eggs, pancakes and French toast are highlights of the brunch menu, lunch features pizza, soups and sandwiches, and dinner offerings range from appetizers and salads to pastas and fish.

But it's not just the menu that's new. Enter a new generation of entrepreneurship, with Doris' daughter Dena Schechter Magram and her husband Scott Magram as the driving force behind the company today. With over 20 years experience in the culinary arena, Scott--a visionary leader in the kosher food industry--is the president and operating principal of My Most Favorite Food, and has played an integral role in building the foundation and fundamental principles of the company. Dena, who has always recognized her true passion for food, decided to follow her long time dream of working together with her husband. Dena's business expertise, sense for presentation and commitment to customer service along with her tireless work ethic are what make the company shine. Like a good pairing of wine and food or main course and dessert, their combined skills make up the essential elements of a stand-out brand.

Even the ultimate food connoisseurs must grow with the times. Our vocabulary has expanded from pareve and dairy to include vegan and gluten-free. Our décor and presentation are modern, crisp, clean and inviting. Our specialty cakes and desserts are delectable and presented artfully.

Using only the finest natural ingredients, we are able to accommodate special requests and cater to current trends in eating while upholding our hard-earned reputation for quality and taste. We are proud to showcase a revolutionary manner of thinking regarding service, presentation and quality, which ensures our customers all the comforts and joys of dining in New York City in our time.

Our bakery offers the healthiest versions of sinful treats -- cakes, cookies, brownies and pies, many of which pay homage to the savory Viennese desserts Doris remembers from her childhood and the Italian cappuccinos and American coffees she emulates and improves upon.

While our guests come from near and far to enjoy their most favorite food in our sleek venue, our catering business is also a pivotal element of our success. From full-scale simchas to corporate and school events to private parties and intimate dinners, we take our food and our philosophy anywhere that beckons. Our catering efforts are personal, impressive and memorable.

This depth of fusion that binds history with modernity results in a truly unique conglomeration of tradition and style. Experience it first-hand --
our doors are always open.

One constant thread tightly weaves through all of Doris' endeavors: She is confident about who she is and where she came from—a lesson learned from her father. Though he was driven out of two countries because of his heritage, he was always proud to be a practicing Jew. When they were living in the small town of Guardiagrele in Italy, he even wrote to the Italian embassy and asked them to send matzoh for Passover. This pride is part of the My Most Favorite Food philosophy today, as all kashruth laws are abided by, special menus are offered for Jewish holidays, and the restaurant completely turns over and opens its doors for Passover. This is not only highly appreciated in New York, it is a trendsetting precedent in service to the Jewish community.


My Most Favorite Food

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My Most Favorite Food does NOT claim to be a nut-free, dairy-free, soy-free, wheat-free, or gluten-free facility. For your own safety we recommend anyone with highly allergic reactions or Celiac Disease to take caution when consuming our products and at their own risk.